Describe yourself in 30 words or less…my worst nightmare. ¬†Introducing yourself to the internet…not easy. ¬†Some of the questions going through my mind: What do people want to know? Am I boring? Is anyone going to get my jokes? It just goes on and on…I’m like an episode of Seinfeld.¬†¬†I wrote this introduction at least ten times and then decided to just keep it real.

My name is Jennifer. ¬†I’m a mother of two and wife to one. ¬†Each day, I set out on a new adventure teaching 20 kindergarten students. ¬†My car’s a mess, but I’m a master multitasker. ¬†I try to make each moment count and find joy in¬†simple things. ¬†I strive for balance in my life (strive is the key word here, folks…). ¬†Finding time for date night with Hubby and dinner out with the girls are absolute musts, but I also enjoy¬†spending a cozy evening¬†on the couch drinking¬†wine…I mean tea.

Why A Child’s Tabletop? ¬†I’ve always loved working at a table. ¬†As a child, I’d create¬†with ¬†paint and textiles. ¬†As an adult I love to experiment with watercolour and calligraphy. ¬†I wanted to created a place where a collection of tabletop activities could be found. ¬†Specifically, delightfully simple tabletop activities that might serve as inspiration for other mothers and¬†teachers, or anyone else who loves to watch¬†the creativity of young children unfold.

Jennifer  xo