For the Love of Tabletops

My obsession with tabletops (well, not the tops exactly…I’m getting to that) started when I was just a girl.  I loved rooting through desk drawers in search of little treasures to take back to my table. Pompoms…yes! Watercolour paint…a must have! Beads…oh, beads…swoon.  I loved sitting at my table, working away, letting my imagination lead me to flow state.

Today, I’m surrounded by tabletop activities.  As a kindergarten teacher, I set out different tabletop activities for my students each morning.  My job?  Provide simple supplies and prompts.  (I think it’s important not to control the experience…although, you know I’d like to. #controlfreak)  From there, children are encouraged to let their creativity and imagination guide the way.  I love talking to each child as they explore and question.  A child’s tabletop is a place for wonder, creativity, and experimentation.  With a little provocation, the possibilities are endless.

At home, I’m the mother of two young boys. Although much of our weekend is spent investigating a new park or combing the shoreline, my sons love to start each morning with a tabletop activity.  Anything involving paint and sparkles is a favourite around here!  (Keeping little hands busy while Mom and Dad get breakfast going, doesn’t hurt either!)

Join me on this adventure, as I document delightfully simple tabletop activities for young children.

Jennifer  – xo